Many diameters – one system

Haris Soldatos, Steinzeug-Keramo N.V., Sorin Gheorghe, Steinzeug-Keramo N.V.

In the central Romanian city of Sibiu (155,000 inhabitants), the wastewater sewer system has been undergoing successive regeneration since 2012. The plans so far envisage the construction of new sections of an overall length of roughly 9 km, involving the installation of vitrified-clay pipes of various diameters (see table below). A major part of the system has already been completed, and this November an almost 1-km-long section of the main sewer was opened, constructed using the open trench method and comprising 318 m of DN 1000 vitrified-clay pipes and 638 m of DN 1200 vitrified-clay pipes, including the corresponding fittings.

A number of other shorter sections are currently still under construction, with the tunnel beneath the railway tracks posing the greatest challenge to be overcome. In Romania, construction operations of this type are subject to particularly stringent regulations; in this project, the microtunnelling method will be used. We’ll be reporting on the further progress in one of the next issues.


Client: Compania De Apa Sibiu (WVU) | Planning: Louis Berger, Bucharest | Construction: HIDROCONSTRUCTIA SEBES-CALA MURES