development of the “Seewinkel” housing estate in Poing
swift installation of 4,760 meters of vitrified clay pipes

Diana Klose, Steinzeug-Keramo GmbH

The Upper Bavarian municipality of Poing, around 23 km east of Munich, is an “aspiring growth community” in the administative district of Ebersberg: once a small village, Poing has meanwhile emerged to become an attractive residential community with a population of almost 14,500 inhabitants, a figure that is set to grow to between 17,000 and 20,000 by the year 2020. After the construction of the “Zauberwinkel” residential estate and with the completion of the new W6 living quarter, the “Seewinkel” estate, which together will house 1,400 people, the township is making a large step forward towards reaching this target.

13 hectares developed in no time

The Munich-based GFM engineering consultancy company set out the development of the site starting with the layout of the sewage system in the “W6 – Seewinkel” project back in 2011, and the client, gKu VE | München-Ost, put out its invitation for public bids in 2012. At the end of 2013, the Richard Sem Bau GmbH construction company excavated the first trenches for the installation of the sewage pipes over a total surface area of 130,000 m2. All main pipes and house connections in the new residential estate were made using vitrified clay products, including 1,260 meters in the DN 150 dimension, 3,000 m in the DN 200 dimension, and 500 m in the DN 250 dimension. They are all laid above the groundwater table in the gravelly subsoil that is typical of this region. 

The sewage-system construction operations were finished in mid-2014, and on 30 October 2014 the ARGE Poing “Am Bergfeld” consortium handed over the utility roads and the sewage systems in the Poing Seewinkel residential construction zone to the township.


Client: gKu VE | München-Ost Ver- und Entsorgung, Poing | Planning: GFM Beratende Ingenieure GmbH, Munich | Construction: Richard Sem Bau GmbH, Zimmern | Construction-materials supplier: Richter + Frenzel, Landshut





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