Before a quality installation can take place, a meticulous planning has to be drawn up first. This planning should consider the following elements: condition of the soil (geology, soil, groundwater), local conditions (traffic conditions and traffic loads, morphology, rainfall, protected areas) as well as the quality and quantity of the wastewater. Once all these parameters are known, the installation method will be chosen: open trench construction, microtunnelling or pipe-jacking.

Open trench construction

An already countless amount of projects, where vitrified clay pipes were installed in an open trench, have been carried out in Europe and overseas. For over 150 years, vitrified clay pipes have proven their value in terms of wastewater drainage in cities, communities and villages. And they will continue to prove their value, in the short run as well as in the long run.  

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The automatic pipe-jacking technique has been used in Berlin for over 30 years. This technique caused a revolution in the sewer construction industry. It is Steinzeug-Keramo that manufactures the jacking pipes for this revolutionary technique. Since the origin of this underground construction method, Steinzeug-Keramo has not ceased to improve and further develop its jacking pipes. 

There are numerous examples of pipe-jacking projects in Europe and beyond, where the pipe-jacking took place without any disruption at the surface, and where a safe wastewater drainage is guaranteed.

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Examples of some of our projects