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A new path, the same goal: With our latest issue of REPORT, we’d like to continue our effort to keep you informed about all the important and interesting things going on in and around the company. Of course, it goes without saying that the main focus is on specific projects in which we’re involved – both within Germany as well as abroad – that point the way to the future.

What’s new this time is that you’re reading REPORT online. From now on, our plan is to issue REPORT at the end of each year in this practical format. The future issues in the first half of the year, which mainly relate to trade-fair and exhibition topics, will continue to be in print format.

We’ve tried to make it especially easy for you to navigate the online version. You can either go directly to the article of your choice via the corresponding link – or else simply download the entire issue of REPORT as a PDF and read it at your leisure.

Weihnachtskarte_01We wish you a Merry Christmas, paeceful holidays and a happy New Year.

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greentec award 2015 Steinzeug-Keramo has made it onto the top ten shortlist of candidates in the category “Water and Wastewater” for the GreenTec Awards 2015, Europe’s most important prize in the environmental and business sector.

All internet users will be able to cast their votes for our product, the carbon-neutral vitrified clay pipe, online until 11 January 2015.



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With its three major urban districts and 20 rural districts, Upper Bavaria is the largest of all administrative districts in Bavaria and one of the most potent economic regions in Germany and indeed Europe, with a highly impressive trade balance.  

This economic success is naturally due, in no small part, to the investments the region makes in its subterranean infrastructure: the “efforts” made by the local administrations in the construction of sewers are impressive (see map). By opting for sewer systems made with vitrified-clay pipes for many projects, the local councils have long since demonstrated their farsightedness and sense of responsibility for their citizens and the public purse alike when it comes to investing in the construction of new sewers and the regeneration of old ones.

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DN 800 in Baden-Baden

In the Oos district of Baden-Baden, a new wastewater sewer was constructed along the perimeter of the Oos-West industrial estate, to replace an obsolescent DN 450 pressure pipeline. 

Straightening a bend

“Berlin-Friedenau, Backflow Construction Segment 7, Handjerystrasse” – this is the name of a project commissioned by Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB, Berlin’s Municipal Water Utilities) to Ingenieurbüro Klutke GmbH, a company of construction consultants.

Great pipe, great performance

In 2012, Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB, Berlin’s Municipal Water Utilities) put the construction of a 60-meter-long wastewater sewer of the DN 1000 standard size in Bitterfelder Straße in Berlin-Marzahn out to public tender.

Amortization of millions

Sądeckie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o., the water-supply and wastewater-disposal company for the district town of Nowy Sącz (administrative district of Małopolskim, in southern Poland) and its 83,000 citizens put out a public tender for the construction of a sewer system with an overall length of 174 km.


In the central Romanian city of Sibiu (155,000 inhabitants), the wastewater sewer system has been undergoing successive regeneration since 2012.

Combined wastewater sewer with a great future

In February 2013, Redeker GmbH, an engineering consultancy company, started work on the detailed plans for the second construction phase of a major infiltration-water transport system for the city of Detmold.



“XII International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE-2014” was held on 4 – 7 of November.  AQUA UKRAINE-2014 – is one of the most significant events for the water industry professionals in Ukraine. Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE, traditionally is held as part of the international specialized exhibition and scientifically practical conferences and seminars.




Ziegel-ThronAdmiring from afar is a good thing – but actually lending a helping hand to make things is even better: this is the motto of KERAMION’s second event for people to join in the building fun. On the traditional Open Day, organized by the special museum for ceramics, visitors both old and young were invited to finish what they’d lovingly started the year before. But let’s start at the beginning:




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