Exemplary. standards

On closer examination of vitrified clay pipe systems and their features like function, cost efficiency and abundance of unique selling points etc., it becomes clear that the material vitrified clay sets standards in sewer construction. Vitrified clay pipe systems meet the specific requirements of essential labels and of sustainable sewers, like long service life, eco-friendliness or sustainability, in an exemplary way.

Vitrified clay sets the benchmark in sewer construction, for example in

  • Resistance to
    - chemical/physical factors
    - mechanical stresses
  • Natural raw materials
  • Resilience and toughness
  • Resistance to wear-and-tear and corrosion
  • Integrity of their properties when confronted with waste water, ground water and soil
  • Neutral behaviour towards ground water and soil
  • Extra long service life
  • Low expenditure on maintenance and repairs
  • Recyclability to 100%
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainability